The China Sculpture Institute (CSI) is a national sculptural art and academic organization directly under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. Set up with the approval of the PRC Ministry of Civil Affairs in May 1992, it is the only national organization with legal person status in the field of sculpture.


The CSI aims to raise the level of China’s sculptural art by organizing sculptors of various ethnic groups inChinato develop their creativity and promote the flourishing of sculptural art in various forms, and working to promote academic research and strengthen exchanges with their overseas counterparts.


Liu Kaiqu and Cheng Yunxian, both noted master sculptors, acted as the first and second presidents respectively, and this office is now held by Zeng Chenggang, also a noted sculptor.


The Congress of CSI Members is the highest organ of power and its Council acts as its executive body.


There are individual and corporate members, including some 1,000 individual ones located throughoutChina, including those fromHong Kong,MacaoandTaiwan. Under the CSI are seven functional offices taking charge of CSI work, including the General Affairs Office, Creation and Exhibition Department, Members Work Department, PR Department, Academic Research Department, Public Art Department, and Business Department. The CSI runs a bimonthly (China Sculpture), and a website ( It holds a China Sculptural Exposition on a regular basis to promote domestic and overseas collection ofChina’s sculptural works.


The CSI will join hands with various social bodies and with friends within the sculptural circle ofChinain working for the full blossoming of the flower of Chinese sculpture.



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