The 7th China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition
          On the Oct 13th 2015, held by China Sculpture Institute and Korea Sculptor’s Association, China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition had its opening ceremony in Seoul Arts Center in South Korea, Zeng Chenggang, president of China Sculpture Institute, Han Jin Sub, president of Korea Sculptor’s Association and Kim Young Won, honorary director-general of Korea Sculptor’s Association attended and delivered a speech on the opening ceremony, more than 50 representatives participated in the opening ceremony, Sun Zhenhua, vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Lin Gang, deputy secretary of China Sculpture Institute, Yin Xiaofeng, director of business development for China Sculpture Institute, Tian Huafeng, office director of China Sculpture Institute, Guo Hang, deputy director of international liaison department for China Sculpture Institute, Yin Rongda, president of Crown-Haitai Co, Ltd. Jiang Xixun, member of Parliament, Jin Zhengxi, professor of Sungshin Women’s University, Yin Jinxie, famous critic, etc. Works from Chinese sculptors would be displayed on the China Exhibition Area in the International Sculpture Festa 2015, and the exhibition will last for a week.         This exhibition displayed works from Chinese and Korean artists from a new perspective, it was not only a continuity of a series of China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition, but also severed as an important carrier for the communication of the oriental sculptures. China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition has played an essential role in exploring sculpture ontology language and constructing an oriented style contemporary sculpture. Different from western sculpture tradition, the images of participating works reflect humanism spirit and interactions of the settings and scenery. Chinese and Korean artists make a study and a creation on the ontology language, such as shapes, materials, spaces and colors. It is a contemporary practice of artistic traditions of oriented countries, and it also represents an oriented character of contemporary sculpture.   The list of participating artists for The 7th China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition Zeng Chenggang曾成钢      Yin Xiaofeng殷小烽 Lin Gang林岗 Guo Hang郭航 Li Yongkang李永康 Shi Zhongying史钟颖 Yan Kun闫坤 Qian Liang钱亮 Kang Yue康悦 Zhao Chao张超 Liu Dong刘东 Liu Qing柳青   Zeng Chenggang   daybreak   Ying Xiaofeng  Manchu Totem reconstruction NO.32    Lin Gang   ink ravine   Guo Hang  swimming Li Yongkang  Old City   Shi Zhongying  self optical illusion  Yan Kun  relativity Qian Liang  non-substance series bamboo Qian Liang  non-substance series broken   bamboo  Kang Yue   microcosm-velvet   Liu Dong   T-back Liu Dong   belly button piercing Liu Dong    subtle silence   Zhang Chao      drift away  Liu Qing     police 
Dream of Sunbird International Outdoor Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Marquette Exhibition
    “Golden crow” is a totem of sun bird. There is a version of myth of sunbirds ever since ancient times---Jin Wu Zai Ri(金乌载日),sun is pronounced to be wu now in the local dialects of Yiwu. It’s noted that sunbird is also a totem for human being in primitive society, worship of sun and worship of birds are two major spiritual beliefs. “The Dream of Sunbird” aims to utilize sculpture ontology to construct an ideal world with such totem beliefs, so we would hold an outdoor sculpture invitational exhibition annually and blend it with classical cultural theme and elements of related countries along “One Belt One Road” gradually, we hope that it can make sculpture park in Yiwu city become an important platform to research and lead the development of public arts and it could be an eternal monument in the One Belt One Road, it would also make citizens of other country along the “One Belt One Road” share the developmental result of contemporary China and keep them track of the China’s goodwill of peaceful development.        We invite artists from eight countries on the route of  Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe(China, Poland, Russia, Belarus, French, Spanish, Kazakhstan and Germany)to make sculptures for the Marquette exhibition. Their works carry and reflect a kind of distinctive cultural glamour, present an extraordinary creativity and imagination, explore artistic visual limitation and break down the human being’s intellectual constraint. With the cultural influence beyond the times and spaces and with artistic atmosphere across the national boundaries, it will exert a subtle influence to the Yiwu—the beginning point of new Silk Road, in such a way, it will definitely enhance the international influence and reputation of Yiwu.       A full operation of the longest international freight train line, Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe, has been regarded as an important strategic measure of “One Belt One Road”. Yiwu, the city renowned for the largest-scale distributing center for small commodity, plays a prominent role inSilk RoadEconomic Belt. since it becomes a new starting point of New Silk Road, it obviously shoulders a new mission—to be a platform to let the China advance to the world, “One Belts One Road” strategy will open doors of opportunities to connect Chinese and Eurasian culture and economy, which has a profound significant. Taking the opportunity of constructing “One Belt One Road”, we will make use of imperceptible influence of culture and advantage of “Antecedent of Humanism” to hold The First Dream of Sunbird International Outdoor Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Marquette Exhibition to tell the china story and reclaim the china dream.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 China Sculpture Institute   Zeng Chenggang   Heavenly Golden Bird Li Ming  Beautiful Scenery Yang Jianping Auspicious Clouds   Chen Yungang  Oriental Series---Dream Fu Zhongwang  Outside the Windows Huo Boyang  Sea Viewing Long Xiang  Weaved Dream of Sunbird Lin Gang  Harmony Zhu Shangxi  Yiwu Express Wang Zhong  A Horrific Moment Yu Xiaoping  Strive for prosperity   Wang Shaojun  Heart Road Wang Zhigang  Su Wu Herds Sheep Zang Kun  Legend Li Xiuqin  The Heavenly Road Wei Xiaoming  Houyi shooting a sun Li Xiangqun  Mavis Chen Yanyin  Bus  Tang Yao  Undulating mountains·Three-dimensional Book of Change·Binary system Shi Xiangdong Twirling in Time and Space Xu Zhenglong Interaction with Birds Zhai Qingxi  Inland Mirror Shi Hui  Weaving Jiang Jie  The Dream of Sunbird Wen Lou  Bamboo In The Wind Dong Shubing  Wagon Ruts He  Monument of WindRange He E  Embroidered Lady Zhang Yongjian  The Devine Channel Yang Xianghua  Feather For Sugar  Jorg Plickat  Connecting Hemispheres  Piotr Twardowski  Permutation Antonio Vigo  The Reasons Cities  Raquel Sarda  The Sun Bridges  Xuxo Valery Pchelin Skyman Alexander Taratynov  Eric Theret  Passage IN&OFF  Aliaksei Sarokin  Xavier Gonzalez  JANUS
"The Story of WuHu" Maquette Exhibition
The Story of WuHu -------The Fifth Session of the China - Wuhu"Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Maquette Exhibition grand opening At 9 o’clock am on Jun 13th 2015, The fifth session of the China - Wuhu "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition of Outstanding Works Plan was opened at art exhibition hall in the Wuhu City, Anhui Province. "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition jointly organized by the China Sculpture Institute, China Academy of Art, Wuhu Municipal Government, which had been hold for 5 years and was also an important event in the history of Chinese sculpture. Wuhu City Mayor Pan Zhaohui, China Sculpture Institute President Zeng Chenggang, Vice President of Sun Zhenhua, Yin Shuangxi, Huo Boyang, Secretary General Wu Helin, Vice President of Academy of Public Art of China Academy of Art, Yu Xiao Ping, Director of Professor Committee of Fine Arts of Northeast Normal University, office director and curator of China Sculpture Institute Tian Huafeng, and director of Wuhu Municipal commission of housing and Urban-Rural Development He Chen and Deputy director Ma Xingqi, other departments leaders in Wuhu city also attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition also attracted a large number of local people, art lovers and major universities across the country to attend the exhibition. The atmosphere was very enthusiastic. Mayor Pan Zhaohui carefully watched and admired every piece of works on exhibition, and outlined his vision for this sculpture exhibition and Wuhu sculpture development, Mayor Pan Zhaohui pointed out that China - Wuhu "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition has become more and more mature after it was held for 5 years, future development directions were also increasingly clear, the next should include broader themes, more diversified artistic style, enhanced the development of sculpture-building in the terms of diversity and sustainability to enrich Wuhu people''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s cultural life and promote the development of Chinese sculpture industry. The fifth session of the "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition was carefully prepared with a great care and discussed by experts for many times, according to the proposals of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, the Organizing Committee actively gathered and collected Wuhu historical events, celebrity stories, geographical and cultural characteristics and repeatedly sought the views of CHC, local chronicles, History Office, Federation of literary and other departments and people’s suggestions from all walks of life, and "The Story of Wuhu City " was ultimately determined as the theme of the exhibition. The Organizing Committee had received a total of 1526 pieces of works plan of 453 artists from 34 countries and regions all over the world. From our soliciting contribution on Feb, 14th, 2015 to the deadline on Ari,17th ,2015 , 75 artists came from abroad and 378 artists came from domestic participated in the exhibition, among whom, there were also some international influential artists participated. On April 29, adhering to the "fair, just and open" principle, jury separately conducted an anonymous scoring selection from the candidates and works we invited in the respect of uniqueness and creativity, public aesthetic and environmental protection, enforceability, durability and safety , 45 pieces of work were selected to participate in the "The Story of Wuhu City", it consisted of 38 pieces of domestic works and 7 pieces of foreign works, these works not only paid attention to the excavation of Wuhu humanism and spirit, but also contained modern Wuhu good spiritual outlook and the southern Anhui cultural feature and had the very strong spiritual inspiration and tough exuberant vitality. It was particularly worth mentioning that we had invited a number of domestic and foreign famous artists such as Richard Brixel and other famous artists with their works to participate in this exhibition, which would make the excellent content of exhibition become richer, forms become more diverse, which all embodied the unique way of contemporary artists ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''dealing with traditional and modern, East and West, time and space, personal language and public aesthetic problem. As a public welfare, China - Wuhu "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition has received many attention and appreciations from all kinds of social classes at home and abroad since the first session was held, it was unanimously hailed as a world-class public art project. During five years, Wuhu Sculpture Park has had more than 180 pieces of domestic and foreign outstanding works. The quantity and quality of the sculptures are increasing year by year, and Wuhu Sculpture Park has become an important place for citizens to relax and have recreation, as well as being an example to infuse art into the public life and enhance the urban charm and spirituality. It is reported that this exhibition will be continue until June 22nd. In addition, the fifth session of the Wuhu China - "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition is expected to be officially opened in November 22nd. Recently, the relevant works are being carried out. Zhao Meng  Collaborative Construction of Ark He Zhongling  Mifu Bow to Stone Bao Haining  War of Chiu-tzu Hong Tao  Confucian Businessmen in Wuhu Chen Ke  Clock of Chiu-tzu Li Zhanyang  Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats Liu Jieyong  Zhang Xiaoxiang Yin Xiaofeng  Guangji Temple   Zhu Chen  Vigorous Spring of Wuhu city Richard Brixel  Lawrence Argent   “Synthesis” Michael Dunbar   Orbits of Isaac  Tang Jie  Boat Down the River Jing Yumin    Lingering Rhythm of Lihuang Opera Xu Di  The Beginning of Dream Chen Yong   Sacrifice to Forge A Sword Viktar Kopach    River of Time Pang Yaokun   Herd Returns Zhang Wendi  Chiu-tzu Chorusing Zhao Shengfan   Dyeing  Wang Yufeng   Pioneer• Public Intellectual of Anhui province Jo Kley   Bull I Xia Jing   In the water side  Zhu Yong   Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Lu You Zhang Xianghua   Weaving machine Ling Zhixiang   Gan Jiang and Mo Ye Kou Zhiyuan   Master of Gushu County-Xiao Yuncong Lu Yi   Forerunners of Chinese poets Billy Lee   Circle of Dreams Tobel  Lunar Cycle  

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