Traversing-Zeng Chenggang’s Sculpture Solo Exhibition
添加时间:2014/5/31 来源:中国雕塑学会

Traversing-Zeng Chenggang’s Sculpture Solo Exhibition will be held in Museum-artpavillon-st-urban from May 2014 to October 2015. Zeng Chenggang is a famous sculptor who is active in the Chinese contemporary art world. His sculptural language background is a huge cultural space, which based on Chinese cultural tradition. In this sense, his idea is traversing, from present time to historical time, from real space to spiritual space. The works of Zeng Chenggang, showing a vigorous strength and forceful overall atmosphere, produce a strong visual shock. This sense of shock embodies a mysterious oriental culture echoes, a passion bursting out from the inner side of the artist, and the artist’s reflection of philosophy, nature and life. The strong melodies echo and reverberate in the works’ heavy bronze surface which emitting cold light, and emerged a strong tension from inside to outside to make people feel and think, presenting the ideals and distinct personality Zeng Chenggang placed in his works.

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