The Preliminary Selection of Wuhu Sculpture Special Exibition was Successfully Held
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Wuhu Municipal People’s Government places high importance on the strategic significance of promoting Wuhu’s sculpture, especially its integration into the city’s public spaces to create works of outstanding era and artistic value. Under this consensus, it has taken the lead, in cooperation with the China Sculpture Institute, to plan the Wuhu Sculpture Special Exhibition. 

The leaders and experts present at the preliminary selection meeting are: Zeng Chenggang, president of China Sculpture Institute, Chairman of Shanghai Artists Association and President of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts; Ding Minsheng, Deputy Director of Wuhu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau; Sun Zhenhua, Secretary-General of China Sculpture Institute, and Editor-in-Chief of China Sculpture; Yin Xiaofeng,Vice President of China Sculpture Institute, Professor of Fine Arts College in Northeast Normal University; Ji Shaofeng, Vice President of China Sculpture Institute, Director of Hubei Art Museum; Lin Gang, Vice President of China Sculpture Institute, President of Hangzhou Sculpture Institute; Dong Shubing, Vice President of China Sculpture Institute, Vice President of Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University; Hou Qirong, Office Advisor of the Exhibition Organizing Committee; Hua Chunjiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Sculpture Institute; Liu Meixia, Office Director of China Sculpture Institute; and relevant department leaders and staff.

Photo of the Judges 

Since the open call for submissions from both domestic and international artists began on March 12 this year, until the deadline on May 5, a total of 707 sculpture proposals were received from 397 artists representing 24 countries and regions worldwide including 56 foreign artists and 341 Chinese artists.

The Judging Scene

In this preliminary evaluation, a total of 38 works were selected. These 38 works will participate in the maquette  exhibition and final review, in which the 18 works to be enlarged will be finally determined.


The Judging Scene

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